QuadraFuzz v1 how to run in C9

cant find the disscusion your talking about...which plugs need jbridge ? ..i was using Jbridge on C9.0 but it was no good just for some old steinberg plugs namely the ones i used , but after using Vinarks method moving 2 files from Cubase 8.5-components-folder to the one in Cubase 9 i didn`t need JBridge at all, so i put everything back to how it was before the disruption, everything loaded up no problem and works lovely now.

For those of us who came straight into 9, could somebody post those files here for download?

Not all at once now

You should be able to find a download for the full version of Cubase 8.5 from Steinberg.

I know, but was looking to see if somebody would be kind of enough to post 2 small files :slight_smile:

happy xmas

I can confirm that this works with both Cubase 9.5.x and Cubase 10.0.30 as well!

What if I do not have these files? where to get them for 10.5?
and which copies of QFuzz should I install?
Thank you

PM, if you need these files) all you need to know after replacing the file, add you vst patch folder to the Plugin manager and do not RESCANE,
close the plugin manager and restart DAW,
In my case, I’m trying to re-scan and daw just stop for a long time without a finish :blush: )
so in the next I open the daw again and at one point let’s say a problem with the Softube Drawner plugin, ok, I removed it) f @ ck
After quadrafuzz 1.0 became visible without any jbridge

VSTBridgeQadrafzz.rar (292 KB)

I’ll be damned haha! It works! :smiley:
And not only that! I removed and rescanned anything I could think of and just about anything I could think of and then some now at least appears on screen! :sunglasses:
Of course, I haven’t tested if ALL of that works yet but at least Quadrafuzz 1.0 is alive and well along with a few others I haven’t seen in a while … I think.
I now will have very f a r between sessions when I feel the urge to open Cubase 8.5 32bit. Oooooh yeah!

What I did was I replaced the files described above after backing up the folder.
I deleted the blacklist file: C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\Vst2xBlacklist Cubase.xml
I deleted all old stuff in a folder I call VSTPlugins jBridge amd recanned the regular VSTPlugins folder with jBridge.
I pointed the Cubase Plugin Manager to both VSTPlugins jBridge and VSTPlugins and rescanned them.

At some point Cubase crashed but I kept moving and finally there was light at the end of the tunnel !!! :sunglasses:

I checked again and VST3 plugins have three slashes like /// at the right side of the list, VST2 pluins e.g QuadraFuzz 1.0 have two slashes like // and jBridegd plugins have .64 added to the name like PlugIn.64

And … I seem to have installed a DX Wrapper so now this little thing works for the red/blue super old Quadrafuzz DX!
The FFX-4 is a little rack thingie where you can chain DX plugins in four slots, move them around in the chain and do pretty much what you need.
It’s a free download and there is (was?) also a paid version with 16 slots.
Funnily enough, I only have one more DX plugin besides QuadraFuzz and that is FFX-4 itself so you can apparently daisy chain them to have 16, 32 or 256 DX plugins … oh joy … :unamused:
It doesn’t get any geekier than that, right? :blush: :laughing:

with this tweak you don’t need jBridge plugin x64

All jBridged plugins work but just a fraction of the others, it seems to me??? :confused:
The white area at the lower edge of jBridged plugins is kind of ugly and in the way, though so if I can avoid those on my screen I’ll do it!

both work or, so no need jbridge


Method still works but have some bug for newer lugins with resizeable GUI. If you change VST plugin manager dll from Cubase 8.5, all plugs in Cubase 10 and higher wont be able to resize gui. Here’s example of this bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg_XDbHv2xY

Here is what I did to make Quadrafuzz and several other old Plugins work using Jbridge:

  1. Copy Quadrafuzz.dll from the original plugins folder to the folder with the bridged plugins
  2. Rename it to Quadrafuzz.64.dll
  3. Create a text file “Quadrafuzz.64.txt”
  4. Write the following content to the text file:
    “###path of original plugin folder###\QuadraFuzz.dll”
    ID: 1234567800
    flags: effFlagsHasEditor

Any ID can be used. I use the last two digits to count “manually bridged” plugins not to use an ID twice for safety.
It worked instantly with Quadrafuzz. For some other plugins their GUI has to be started twice to be resized properly.

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