Quadrafuzz V2

Hi there Steinberg and users…

So I see my beloved 32 bit plugs are being forced aside. Which sucks because there are 1 or 2 that I rely on for every day needs as a mixing and mastering engineer. Very reminiscent of when C4 forced aside DX plugs, without telling anyone. Although, looks like this time there was some warning.

In particular, the OLD version of Quadrafuzz. I was wondering, is there any way I can suggest a version of the presets from the OLD Quadrafuzz be put in to the V2? The reason I ask is because I used this literally on EVERY vocal track I ever used. And the V2 behaves and is setup NOTHING like the old. It was perfect for sprinkling on a slight overdrive for some vocal “shimmer.” Also - is there any report as to how much CPU this plug chews up? I used to use the old Quadrafuzz at least 20-30 instances per project.

I know, a silly request, and one that will probably be ignored as it’s so minute, but just thought I’d beg. :slight_smile:

Also - since I’m forced to put aside Quadrfuzz and Overdrive and every other 32 bit plug, can someone suggest a LOW - CPU usage overdrive / distortion plug in? I’ve noticed these types of plugs sometimes are CPU hungry.

You can run old QF V1 in c9, find qf with red interface and jbridge it.

I understand your pain about loosing this great plugin, I’m using in almost on every instrument/bas/vocal/drums even on mastering channel.
QF2 doesn’t give this brilliant pressure and juice what gives QF1

Here you can find some info about it

Hi - just out of interest, what does QF1 have that V2 lacks?

Thanks -

V2 lacks the ability to turn your tracks into pure white noise full of aliasing

Got it! Thanks!

just compare them. you will hear difference immediately.
Most of time i’m using QF1 to coloring sound, or like Saturator. I never use him at guitars :smiley:

I’m still searching for similiar plugin: Saturn,Trash,QF2,Ohmicide. not even closer
Softube Saturation Knob - something similar

QF1 from SX3 up to 8.5 was my plugin #1

They sound different, I like QF2 a lot better. But I use it pretty much only on vocals and bass guitar.
I can see the appeal of QF1 for electronic sounds. I personally prefer some old guitar pedals for that kind of sound manipulation, even if recall is nearly impossible.


I did NOT even expect to see ONE reply on this, let alone a conversation on it. I literally assumed I was the last one to ever use QF1 by FARRRRRR. Years even. Wow, this is good to know.

Please understand everyone, I’m not sh1tting on QF2, in fact, I’ve actually made a great imitation of the preset I start with for bass overdrive (called Fuzz Bass) in QF2. But, alas, it’s just not precisely the same. QF1 puts this sheen on everything, and MUCH like djgraver, I’m using it to SPRINKLE on some shimmer. Doing this works absolute MIRACLES for vocal tracks, bass guitar, and every now and again I’ve even used it on a snare drum to add some sizzle and make it pop nice. Shit I will miss this plugin. I have NO INTEREST in using JBridge, but if I have to, I suppose I will. OR just continue to make some “preset emulation” in QF2. I do believe it’s possible, but it ain’t gunna be easy.

If anyone is interest in the Fuzz Bass preset I made for QF2, please PM me I’ll be happy to post it up.

djgraver THANK YOU for posting that. I’m going to try the link you provided. The thing I’m super concerned about is the fact that I will never be able to open my old project that contain QF1 ever again if I commit to C9. And that is EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF THEM.

And hey, maybe we can all team up and suggest a 64bit Quadrafuzz Classic (by Craig Anderton)!! Which will be simply a ported version of the 32bit version. NOT that this will solve the problem of older projects. But MAN it’d be wonderful to have. I’ll start the thread in the feature request if everyone will drop a line in support?


Well I just found THIS SOLUTION from a thread that jdgraver pointed out:

As a big Cubase-fan I was very disappointed that they removed it’s compatibility for 32bit-Vst’s. After researching I got the following solution:

In the Cubase-program-folder you find the folder “components”.
The TRICK is just to copy (and replace) the following 2 files from Cubase 8.5-components-folder to the one in Cubase 9:


(please don’t forget to backup the C9 components folder first)

After that let Cubase 9 rescan your PlugIns - maybe it helps to delete the blacklist-files in the Roaming-folder first.

With this little trick I’m using my Cubase 9 just the way I used 8 all the time, all the 32bit-PlugIns are now present in Cubase 9!
I don’t know how it works with mac, I guess there should be a similar way to get it working there :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

And it worked like an f’n charm for me in Cubase 9. ALL my old project load the few 32 bit plugs I use now. No need for JBridge, no need for Quadrafuzz Red. The only problem is, HOW LONG is it going to work? I’ll be honest I DO endorse Steinberg’s idea to leave 32 bit behind forever. 100% I am behind that, it can only help in terms of stability in the long run. This is just a temporary fix. I think going forward what I’ll do is start experimenting with some new distortions to take over the job of the Quadrafuzz V1. It won’t be easy, but at least now I can move forward with C9 and not have all my old projects rendered completely useless. And if I do find a solution, or at least a workaround for the QF1 vs QF2 thing, I’ll be sure to post it.

Everyone is talking about FabFilter Saturn, has anyone used? I mean, I’m sure it doesnt do what QF1 did, how could it, but maybe a good replacement?

And like someone said on the other forum, MAN if there was just a way to bring over the 5 knee button fuctionality along with the 4 filters, ALL of our problems would be solved. Then I really could just make new presets from the old ones and then move forward with QF2.


Might start a feature suggestion thread for this in that forum. Would everyone help out with this? That’s the only way it will get done I’m afraid.

I used QF1 on (Rock) bass drums to let it cut through the mix without getting on your nerves (Metallica style).
It was an easy way to bring some crisp high freqs to a kick drum + an extra smooth bass which thickend also the sound.
With QF1 it was a 1-2 minute process to find the right settings.
Though I like QF2 already, I could not find a similar way to get this sound yet. You can use it in single band mode which is supposed to operate in the similar way as QF1 (I was told), but somehow it does not…

A “legacy” mode in QF2 would be great :exclamation:

I use QF1 on a drum groups on ALL my tracks, plus sometimes on bass drum, or snare. I have tracks featured in series, movie trailers, commercials, all with real drums using QF1. No other plugin comes close to the color it gives to the sound, it’s just a color I like. I’m not a cubase user anymore since sx3, I use it as a plugin in Ableton who’s about to give up 32b plugins in the new version 10, unfortunately jbridge doesn’t allow to open the right pannel which compromises its use.
Correction: ticking “switch to separate GUI mode” in jbridge enables the resizing of the plugin window and opening of the right pannel!

For all sorts of euphonic distortion I’ve migrated to Soundtoys. Decapitator, Radiator, Devil Loc. Sometimes the whole Soundtoys collection is highly discounted and absolutely recommendable.

Nice to hear there’s a simple hack to get 32 bit plugins back into the current Cubase! I don’t use 32 bit plugins anymore and I’m fine with leaving ‘old tech’ behind but this could help many people to get off outwearing plugins, giving some time to migrate to - often better - alternatives!

Yes I use decapitator and little Radiator a lot - never found much of a use for QF1 - it’s amazing how different ears seem to rate different plug ins! I used to use DaTube quite a bit too - the tube saturation in the mixer sounds very similar to me.

The saturation tools in the channel strip are not bad at all, sometimes used for quick rough mixes here. Everytime I think I should use them for ‘real’ work too but beeing used to a lot of really nice 3rd party stuff I often forget what Cubase itself has to offer :laughing:


sorry guys, but I also hear the color that QF1 gives… better than any distortion plug out there. God DAMN it why can’t it just be 64 bit.

because if it was 64 bit it would sound different

It is perfectly possible to do 32bit numbers with 64 bit, so it will be the equivalent.
Though I have my doubts that one could hear much difference between 32 & 64 bit maths.

Does the source code for the QS1 plugin exist?, I maybe are willing to get it running under a 64bit environment

I’m sure they’re just going to hand the source code to some random nobody on the internet.

DaTube is unrelated to every other tube saturation algorithm made by Steinberg.

I didn’t say they were the same plugins - I just said they sound similar to my ears. I guess if the two plug-in are simply adding the same (certain order) harmonics (as they are not particularly sophisticated) - even if they’re coded differently they could sound similar.