QuadraFuzzV2 - 15db limit on lower or raising volume???

So I have an all clean signal - except for one band of distortion. I set distortion to “amp”, and boost drive to full max… but I just want to barely be able to hear that band. I can’t lower the volume of that band more than 15db??? That means I cannot use that band with the drive set to max because I can’t lower the volume enough to compensate for the gain introduced by adding distortion.

I think the 15db limit should be removed… it should be possible to reduce the volume of a single band all the way to infinity…

I know most people might not care about this, and it is obviously a low priority issue… I just wanted to share it, because I feel that it limits the creative possibilities of this plug-in, and my guess is it would not be difficult for Steinberg to remedy the problem by adding the ability to reduce gain to infinity on each band.

Interesting point.i’ll +1 this, 'cos I could see myself needing this potentially.

Workarounds in the meantime:

A) use the Mix feature to further lower the gain of that band (although this would change the effect)

B) Solo the band(s) you’ve affected and bounce. Control blend with faders. (A lot of work!)

Hi toader,

I’ll put this on the feature request list for future versions.

Awesome. Many thanks!

As a workaround you could,

  • post insert the Multiband Compressor
  • use the same settings for the frequency band
  • set Ratio to 1 on each band, so no compression takes place
  • and lower the gain by another 15 dB for the selected band

I know it’s just a workaround, but…

A bit complicated that way… (especially if using automation), but I appreciate you sharing the workaround.


Many thanks. Maybe this thread should be moved to the Feature Request forum also…