Quadruplets playback in swing


Writing a piece in 3/4 time with the rhythmic feel set to Medium swing 8ths (have also tried different swing feels). During playback Dorico is incorrectly playing the quarter note quadruplets (4:3) with some weird swing feel. Why and what to do?


Could it be playback humasiation throwing it off? Check the piano roll view.

Thanks! Yes, maybe that’s the problem as it can be edited in the piano roll view. But, nothing changes even if I set the humanize value to 0%

Thanks for reporting this, Fredrik. This does indeed look like a little bug. We’ll take care of this in a future update. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

OK! Thanks for your reply, Daniel! In the meantime I have changed the duration and starting point in the piano roll and used copy-paste to get the correct playback rhythm in other parts of the score…