Quality "minor" often disappears in Transposition window when Second, Third, Sixth or Seventh is selected

Dear users and developers.

Quality “minor” often disappears with the interval second for example in Transposition window as follows:

(In the example above, I selected the interval Second.)

To resolve the problem, I should change Intervals several times.
Has anyone been experiencing the same phenomenon?

Thanks in advance!

That dropdown is dependent on the interval that is highlighted below (and the passage of music that’s selected) so yes, plenty of people have experienced this “phenomenon”. Why not just use the calculator in the right hand side of the dialog?

Sorry my question was not clear.
(I edited my question.)

I do not expect that “Minor” appears with the intervals like “Unison, Fourth and Fifth”.
In my case, it does not appear with the intervals like “Second, Third, Sixth and Seventh”…

Again, it depends on the key of the music that is selected. Do these intervals make literal sense from the keys of the selected music?

Ah, the key…

It is atonal with 48-tone equal-temperament.

In the same bar, I could see “minor” quality for the interval “Second”, but it disappeared in the next time.


Oh, thanks!

I have got it.
The accidental (it looks like “db”) which makes the pitch 3/4 lower causes the problem!

Usually, when it doesn’t provide this kind of “quality”, it’s because it would cause a tonality to be “impossible” — well, something nobody would ever want to read. I honestly do not know anything about those tonalities (over 12 half-tones), and especially their transposition must be somewhat complicated, unless all those units are equal or offering a transposition pattern. I’m glad you sorted out that problem, my note here is only for “newbies” who could run into the same problem. The solution, as usual, is to follow Leo’s advice :slight_smile:
Here : use the calculator.

Thanks, I will do!