Does Cubasis have auto quantization? Why the metronome won’t sync with tracks? The notes won’t sync with Metronome. I’m experienced player and I’ve used Cubase 3,5,7 including Logic Pro x (Desktop). Latency on softsynths until I start the Garageband and then back to Cubasis.

I love Cubase but Cubasis has a extremely serious issues. I red the Manual with no luck. Please help me solve the metronome sync and quant timing vs external hard synth mixed with soft synths.

Why won’t metronome and quant sync together? The notes aren’t put there currently. I have to post quantize the recordings, but still the metronome won’t match the 120 bpm after the several tracks are recorded. It’s horrable.
Ipad Air 128 Gigbyte Ram, Interface Focusrite Scarlett, Korg synths, Imac i7 16 GB 27”
All help are appreciated.


Thanks for your message.

We’re not aware of issues that the metronome does not sync with tracks.

In order to support you, please provide us with step-by-step descriptions how to reproduce the problem.