Hello fellow producers, composers, creative energy beings… wanted to share some new tracks soon & who knows connect with some kindred musical spirits. not to kid you I originally posted this several months ago & found looking back, i was an idiot - virtual socially, and not to leave out I may have been blazed.

So I came back to properly show some gratitude for the support, kindness, and straight forward remarks. The tracks on reverbnation are free to download if you find one’s you enjoy. We’ll be birthing several new tracks soon, what i feel in my heart holds a deeper culmination and exploration in electronic music over the last 9 years for each of us, literally starting with Fruityloops & Sony acid back in the day. Still epicycles to go. :stuck_out_tongue: At the moment we’re preparing to play our first music festival later this month which i dont even know what to write but, so be it, and have a blast, learn from, and roam on.

“Within every collective consciousness, an epicenter for harmonic activity awaits. Quantifyd seeks to harness an omnicultural era of sound harmony, whatever that means… to unlock and release our attuned natural rhythms of the universe; just like you!”

Looking forward to more musical explorations, connect up with us here or get in touch if your interested in collaborative friendship, these are just the beginnings:


Can’t say I could make any sense out of the sentence you have in quotes there, but I gave a listen to 3 or 4 tracks over on SoundCloud, and they were interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for posting.

I agree with Early21. I’ve no idea why you’re linking a bunch of pointless quotes that we can see no relation to within the context of this section of the forum, unless you’re after ego/merit.

I won’t give much criticism since you’re just posting to share it. Overall I liked the sounds and ideas, but the ‘Photon’ track had me very bored by even 1:30 approx, it didn’t go anywhere or develop into anything. ‘Alice’ was more interesting and developed at a good pace and enjoyable overall.

Overall good stuff, interesting. Although I’m not so sure where the “world” genre in your music enters. Apart from some slight middle-eastern style scales on the vocal in ‘big think’ I can’t hear any “world” influences at all, knowing ethnic/traditional music quite well myself.

Sometimes the harmonies got a bit muddy/clustered in with everything, particularly the choir parts had some very poor note choices (harmonically and melodically) and didn’t quite develop in ways I’d have liked, sounded a little bit copy and pasted. They’d have sounded better scored in an SATB standard.

Some really nice ideas, thanks for posting.

Yeah i know what you mean, that actually shouldn’t of even been shared for the short time i did. Being that track was about several months of revisions ago, ya know the earlier stages of it. We’ll be posting several new tracks soon I think you’ll feel the difference of what came to be the full track ’ Photonik ’

Hopefully post it soon, cheers!


Alectric Alice is brill but was so disappointed when a vocal failed to appear…crying out for a vocal this is !! Kevin