Quantinised grid alignment

Hi guys,
I might have a few questions from time to time, as I have recently made the jump from C4 to C6.5 and trying to adjust from some of the features.
This question is that I’m trying to adjust the grid bar signature. Now if I have the bar at 1/4 and want to change it to 1/16, I find that the project and editor doesn’t change all together, but from the transport cursor onwards.
It hadn’t happened in Cubase 4. I know it’s simple, but can’t find it yet.
Any help on this one?

In Cubase 6, you can only see grid subdivisions of a beat if you set the Grid to “Use Quantize” rather than “Bar” or “Beat”, and, just as importantly, you now need to zoom in horizontally much further than was necessary in previous versions.
On the “plus” side, you can now see the grid divided into triplets, if that is how you have set the Quantize settings.