Quantise drums, no click

I multi tracked a full drum kit in 8.5. The drummer didn’t want to use a click (he’s also producing the track) and inevitably he is now unhappy with the timing in some places.

As there was no need for a click during recording, I didn’t set a tempo track. Is it possible to sync the drums to a tempo track and quantise them? I understand how to set hit points and slices, basically. But I’ve never attempted something like this.

Is it possible? Or will the drummer have to live with it?

Anything is possible.

Tempo detection MIGHT work… It works on a track rather than the whole mix so try a mix of kick/snare/hats for example.
If this works it’s by far the easiest way, but might have problems if there is a break in the audio or not clear enough transients.

But regardless of whether this works or not you should spend a little time learning to use the Timewarp tool to create a tempo map around existing audio. Takes longer but can be done very accurately and fairly quickly with a bit of practise.
You’ll have no problem finding a Youtube vid or written instruction on the net so I won’t go into detail…post back if anything doesn’t make sense.

Give this a look.

Tempo Detection & Correction