Quantization not working

has anyone experienced any problems with the Midi Quantize window? Once I open it I cannot do anything, it does not let me change any parameter, as if it is completely frozen…I cannot change the Swing or any other paramenter…
Many thanks!

Hi and welcome,

No problem here.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin,

many thanks for your suggestion, it is very useful to know how to start the software in safe mode.

I guess the problem was related on some graphic issues I am experiencing since I have updated to 10.5, and/or related to the frequent lost connection between Cubase and the eLicenser, that causes errors with the Steinberg virtual instruments and often freezing some editing functions. After restarting a couple of times it started working again, but often the same issues come back. Almost every time I open Cubase I get an eLicenser (updated to the last version) error, so I have to perform the maintanance option and after that usually it opens, otherwise I have to restart the computer a couple of times.