Quantize a few notes (in audio)


What is the easiest/best way to quantize (or adjust timing) a few notes in audio?

I tried slicing, move the notes and then adjust the lengths again with Arrow Tool and “Sizing Applies Time Stretch”, but it quickly becomes a mess and changes stuff unwanted.

The audio has a bit reverb on, and I want to avoid any gaps in the sound.


Slip edit is one method, but I prefer Free Warp, which is explained here:

and here:

You’ll need to experiment a bit with where to put the warp markers so you don’t stretch the audio too much, just move it. This is certainly trickier with reverb.

Great, I’ll check it out.

Do I still need to slice and work on the small part, to avoid moving everything else?

Adding a warp marker before or after the section you want to move will keep the notes you don’t want to move in the same place. Eg, if you move a note earlier, put a marker after it so the following notes don’t move too. It’ll stretch the note out, so discretion is the key! So no, you don’t have to slice. If this doesn’t yield the desired outcome (ie if you need to move the notes far enough that they begin to sound unnatural), then slip edit is the way to go.

No absolutely not. Unless you’re careful slicing will lead to bigger problems. Following ieaston’s suggestion using warp markers is the way to go. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and should do exactly what you want (I use it on most mixes to at least one track).