Quantize all midi notation after changed time signature

I used 4/4 as time signature and 1/8 triplet as quantize preset to compose music in Cubase, I want to export it as a midi file in 12/8 time signature. But, when I changed time signature to 12/8 and quantize preset to 1/8, all the notes are not quantized.
There are many notes in my music, do I have to quantize them one by one? Is there any other way to quantize all of them?

This is not what quantize is used for, that’s why you’re having trouble.

Instead –

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Not working. It is quantized, but the phrase is not matching with the measures. The music speed is increased, and the score still showing it is triplet, is there any way to change simple to compound time?

time signature in 4/4

time signature in 4/4, score

time signature in 6/8

time signature in 6/8 score

I’m not sure you understood the post I included above.

Oh, I just realized I mistook toggle timebase button with another button
Currently I don’t have this button in my Cubase Element, is there any other way to do it?