Quantize Audio bug, Audio moves to the left when hitting "slice"

Hey there,
when quantizing multi micd drums, some takes immediately jump to the left when hitting “slice”.
When this happens, and you hit “quantize” afterwards, the results can be completely off, since the position is shifted to the left before quantizing (especially when you set your grid to 1/16 or 1/32).
Here a video, which shows the issue and the steps to reproduce:

When slicing the first take, it gets shifted to the left.
When slicing the 2nd take, it stays where it is, like it shoud be.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the project in this link: 142.8 MB file on MEGA
  • select the first take and open the quantize window
  • hit slice and compare the position of the take before and after
  • repeat the same for the second take

I have been experiencing something that might be similar.
Go to warp functions on audio that is set to musical mode (having Set Definition and changed tempo map), any warping results in audio going way off time. I haven’t repro’ed the exact actions , but it happened repeatedly yesterday until I found a workaround which is to bounce the audio which then warps as expected. Cubase Pro 12.0.30/Win10.

Thanks for your contribution!
This is indeed very odd. And explains a lot of issues I had in the past when quantize editing drums. Often they were more off after quantizing than before timing wise, because this “shift” moved the drum hits closer to the previous beat.