Quantize Audio Events by Transients?

Hi there,

it’s difficult to search for this because everything that comes up is about quantizing the actual audio content.

I’m looking to quantize audio EVENTS based on transients.

Basically - I have a sample where a whoosh leads to a hit and I want the hit to land exactly on the grid. Regular quantization of course only puts the entire event on the grid, which doesn’t lead to the hit landing on the grid.

Right now I always manually drag the file around till the hit/transient is on the grid.

The only workaround I can think of is setting up a key command to divide the audio event by hitpoints (maybe after setting a standard “strength” in the audio editor so it’s not to sensitive and only creates one split = the whoosh and the transient), deleting the whoosh, quantizing the hit to the grid and then extending the audio backwards so the whoosh comes back in.
Pretty fuzzy.

Curious if these is a feature to automatically get the hit on the grid.

Well, Cubase can’t really know that you want the “hit after the swoosh” on the grid, so some manual work is neccessary.
The event snap point might be helpful, if I understand your requirement correctly. If defines the point in an audio event that will snap to the grid, usually the beginning of the event, but you can set it to everywhere in the sample editor:

Just move the little “S” to where you want it to be, and then, when e.g. dragging the event around in the arrangement, it will snap to the current grid at that point.


Use free warp and put a warp marker on the transient. Freewarp is great for dragging audio to where you want them.

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