Quantize audio question, different from Midi ?

btw this happens is C5 and C6 but I am now using Cubase 6

If I ( you ) record a MIDI kick drum with 1/8 notes intentionally slighty off from perfect, then open up the quantize window
now rty quantizing the kick to 1/8 notes, they jump into place as expected, now set the quantize to 1/2 notes then quantize and the midi now jumps to 1/2 notes as expected ( and to do this it will have to put some kick drum notes on top of others to find a 1/2 notes to snap to ( again as expected) now change the quantize amount to 1/8 notes and the kicks drum notes jump off of each other , snapping back to 1/8 notes.
The point here is that with midi , every time I (you) change the quantize amount and click quantize, cubase is quantizing realtive to the notes original position (when they first got recorded) . I think this is great. It is the way it should be , But…

Now for audio…
(And yes I know about the IQ audio quantize bug . I do not have it checked. )
Record with a mic , some 1/8 note hand claps , and open editor adjust hitpoints create slices and quantize this audio to 1/8 notes all is good , now change to 1/2 notes , all is good , now change back to 1/8 notes and ALL IS BAD.
they just stay at 1/2 notes position . The audio is not being quantized realitive to it’s original record postion.

So… is this behaver correct , Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a concept ?


anyone ?

This is correct behaviour… with audio it’s current position is where it quantises from rather than it’s original position.

Find it hard to imagine a real world scenario where you’d need to do this…what do you want to achieve?

What is the “IQ audio quantize bug”?


I just am used to quantizing midi at will. : kinda experimenting until I get what I am looking for.
I have never messed with quantizing audio before. So I guess I need to experiment - then undo, then expieriment , then undo . with midi I could goof around with a loop adding 16th notes, then add % of swing and then apply straight 1/8 note quantize, all with out any undo needed.
But I mainly just wondered if this was a bug , or intented behaiver .