quantize automation data?

Hey guys, is it possible to quantize automation data?

I recorded bypass on/off movements with the write mode, and I want to quantize these to a quarter beat. Is that possible without having to move each point with the mouse manually?


99% certain the answer is no… snap yes… quantize no… i think

You can do it using the logical editor - I have a preset for it. I will see if I can dig out the values

I didn’t know the logical editor works on automation data. thats kinda cool :slight_smile:

Would be very happy if you can provide the logical preset :slight_smile:

Its the project logical editor. I added mine to parts + events , for Quantise top 16 it is:

In the top filter part:
(Filter Target, Condition, parameter1, parameter2)
Container Type Is, Equal, Part
Media Type is, equal, Automation
Property, Property is set, Event is selected

In the action part:
(action, operation, parameter1, parameter 2)
Position, Add,, PPQ
Position, Round by, 120

For quantise to 8ths can use 240 for round by

Tremendously cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! This is really of help to me.


I don’t understand you solution,

Logical editor only works with midi parts and midi CC automation, NOT Cubase track Automation …