Quantize Chord

Since cubase already has features that do actually detect chords in MIDI, we should have a feature for quantizing chords rather than just single notes. Often times I want to tighten up the timing on my chords, but I don’t want to lose the relative/subtle timing differences between the notes in the chord.

Try Iterative Quantize. :wink:

lol you don’t seem to understand what I’m saying

I want a quantize that recognizes a group of notes (a chord) as one single event and the quantize effects all those notes as one… i.e. so you could quantize the chord to start on grid, but you keep all the subtle spacing in between the notes.

Easiest way to implement this would be lock for selected midi notes

I like and agree with your idea.

Just to understand more… you’re asking that this new setting should move your ‘chord’, always taking the 1st note that occurs (in time) as the reference…? Why not the 3rd or 4th note along.? I might want my ‘chord’ to hit just a bit before the exact downbeat for example…

(Maybe that’s outside the scope of what you mean for now)

That suggests preventing any editing/movement at all…

My mistake on choice of word, meant more like grouping

Yes, that’s what I mean. And you’re right, it that would be cool to quantize by the 3rd or 4th notes in it too. I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to this quantize having that option! I’m just afraid if we ask too much of them they may not to do it lol

+1 for this. I do the exact same thing so this would be very helpful.