quantize error


For years i had this little bug (?) sometime. Not big deal but it start to piss me off.
i play notes 8th on keyboard. and quantize them to 8th.
all is ok so notes are perfectly quantized.

now i add some 16th note and quantize all to 16th.
you expect the 8th note to stay at there position as they’v already been quantized but suddenly some of these notes jump to 16th positions … there’s more : if i quantize all to 32th then some of the 8th that were staying at there position trhough the 16th quantize suddenly jump to some 32th positions …

does each recorded notes keep memory of “recorded position” so that each quantize can be reinterpreted ? (make sense ?). because if a note that has this “problem” is moved manualy to left then back to it’s position. then on next quantize it will stay and won’t move again on 16th or 32th quantize. if yes how how to remove that.

or is it simply a bug ?

Maybe the key-command “Freeze Midi Quantize” works in between your quantize-attempts?