Quantize function not working.

I have a basic 16th note kickdrum pattern in cubase. I open the midi editor tab, insert 16th note kicks. I select 8%swing with quantize set at 16th notes, press apply, and nothing happens. I zoomed in to check, but nothing. Hitting the little play button next to quantize does nothing either…

what am I doing wrong?

Page 236 of Operations Manual woud be a good place to start works fine here

Did you select your notes before hitting Apply? CTRL+A or use your mouse to rubber band the notes you want to quantize.

Thanks for actually trying to help unlike the other poster. Yes I selected all of the notes before pressing apply

Simply does nothing when i press quantize I’ve tried it several ways.

Is iterative quantise off (button grey with Q on it)

If that’s not it maybe you could post steps to repro in a new project.

Look closely at the grid. Cubase moves the grid and snaps the notes to it, not like Logic which moves the notes off the grid but leaves the grid alone…

Just a thought…