Quantize Functions

I have Cubase 8 and cannot find the beat selection for the snap to grid?
It is defaulted to Quarter Notes,

In either the arrange/project window or the Key Editor: First make sure “Snap” is set to “On”. Just to the right of that, set “Snap Type” to “Grid”. This will make the Snap snap to whatever Quantize value you have set a little further to the right. To set that value, click right on the value and you will see a drop down list of choices. Hope that helps.

The issue is I liked having the Beat Selector on the Tray in the Daw.

I can see where I can select Quantize/ Beat/ Bar
And I can see my Snap To Grid and Grid/Relative

It’s just I cant find where on the main Session Page the drop down for 1/1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 etc etc etc

You may need to right-click in the area at the top of the arrange window and make sure that “Snap/Quantize” is checked so that it is visible. Hope this helps.

it’s there:

right-click the menu where some icons are located, and at the bottom of the fly-out menu (you should see a whole bunch of items with a check mark next to them) click “Setup”

you should now see a new dialogue window with most if not all items on the right hand box.
scroll down a bit and click the “Snap / Quantise” item and click the “Move Up” button to the right of that box.

move all the items you like to where you want them, the reason you may not “see” them on the DAW screen window is they are hidden to the right off-screen!