Quantize Grid Bug

I have this project, where quantize to 1/2 results in the same grid as 1/4, all other (1/8 1/16 being correct though)

ok, sorry guys, for a 500$+ software i really expected a serious bug report forum, not technology from the 90s.

I just klicked on one of my attatchments, to see if it’s uploaded correctly and the website threw my entire post to trash.

I’m not writing all of this again, good luck on the market with a software full of bugs and no intention of improving anything.
My motivation to do hour long research, in which scenario one of the many bugs occur, that make me restart or delete & reengineer my own projects on a regular basis.

for today I wasted enough time with creating a 3rd account for a website from the stone ages and trying to document the weird behaviour of an all over the place quantization implementation.

I’ll do random short notes instead:

  • on a regular basis, I have midi notes that align to the wrong place when I quantize. Sometimes even notes sitting exactly on the beat jump to the previous or next one, so I have to manually move them back. This is definitely not a wrong setting or mistaken lines on the screen. After moving manually back and forth, subsequent quantizations leave those notes in their place

  • above mentioned wrong grid. 1/2 quantization became equal to 1/4 in one of my projects. you don’t need to ask, I won’t post any of my projects on a public forum and since you don’t provide a decent bug tracker, where I could attach stuff which only developers can see, it won’t happen.

  • VST Instruments start randomly go low volume and sound cutoff filtered, although no configuration or effect is doing that. Also no instrument or track limit is exceeded. It starts happening when I add tracks to the project with different instruments. It’s never the new tracks, always one of the old ones. I have to create another track, copy everything from the old one, save the vst configuration into a preset and recreate the whole track to get rid of it.
    This is specifically annoying in bigger projects, where it’s hard to find and you have to check every single track solo before exporting in case any one has gone quiet in the last moment

    No I won’t answer to any non developer forum members wether my cables are connected correctly or if I could post entire projects, 2MB of log data and 20 screenshots so they can ignore them and never comment on my post again.

ok sorry for the rage, it was uncalled for and in no way helpful, I’ll try to contribute more objectively in the future. Still those bugs mentioned above persist although it is not possible to create a scenario to safely reproduce them. And the one with the random cutoff could also be on natives account.