QUANTIZE GRID greyed out

For some reason I’m not able to adjust the quantize grid. I can press Q but the small window is greyed out. It was working fine…at the very beginning.
C12 is getting worse and worse… :disappointed:

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic… but a bit more info would be helpful if you want to solve the problem, unless you already have.

False alarm. It was only necessary to change the ruler from seconds to bars + bits.
Everything works fine … (as far as quantize)

Steve, I have an active issue with Audio Performance on the new computer (as you are aware of it)
Going through the project with eyes close. All orchestra instruments are “frozen” in order to have capability to record anything else. ASIO - Guard is spiking, audio dropping. Even with the older computer and C10,5 or C11 wasn’t that bad.
Anyway. Q is working. Going back to work. Have a great weekend.
I still think Cubase is the best.

What is strange here is that in the drop down window (Cubase 12.0.40?), you have ‘Bars and Beats’ I do not have this as two items on one line. I have either ‘Bars’ or ‘Beats’, independent of each other.

And the quantize function is not working as it used to. Is Quantize broken in C 12.0.40?

No, quantize works fine. What issue do you encounter?

My hitpoints are not showing up. See this post: Is Quantize broken in Cubase 12.0.40? - #4 by cubic13