Quantize midi input live?

hi, I recently purchased cubase 8 pro In hopes to be able to quantize incoming midi input in a live setting. I can’t figure out how to do this and I’ve only succeeded in quantizing midi information from a recorded midi clip. Someone seems to have a workaround here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=126734 however I could not decipher the solution provided…maybe someone could walk me through this process?

It’s similar to abletons clip quantize. I need this to happen:

Play midi notes on midi keyboard -> cubase midi track -> midi quantize processing (I thought midi plugin quantizer would do this) -> vst


In the left hand side of the transport there are 4 vertical text items. Click on the text on the bottom of this series, I believe it says Mix by default and a pop up box should appear where you can enable auto quantize.

I struggled for a while trying to find the answer to this myself… Within Cubase, you can use the ‘QUANTIZER’ MIDI INSERT on the VST channel you’d like to control – instant result! Perfectly synced midi input with the host tempo while playing live.
Greg’s response of Auto Quantize is correct for recording… but the quantize will only be heard AFTER you record. This works WHILE you play or record.

Have a great weekend!

You guys made my day!!! I’ve been trying to find the Auto Quantize proper setting all this time.

Now I can have my drummer play my midi drum kit and it quantizes AS I PLAY based on my Quantize Setting