Quantize moves unpredictably for drum tracks (note length??)

I’m trying to do something simple… do some incremental quantization on some drum parts. I’m seeing behavior where, despite the resolution, it will move in unpredictable ways when quantizing a note (in the drum editor…).

Notice I have 1/16 set for the resolution. This is “before”:

And this is “after”:

I suspect it’s using note length??? Which, for drum hits doesn’t seem to help much. Is there a place to change this behavior? Is this a bug??

Edit: I don’t think it’s the note length to blame. Here’s the Before/after when I display note lengths:
Before Q:

After Q: (won’t let me attach another… :slight_smile: – it does the same thing. Top note moves to the left, bottom note correctly quantizes to the right)


  • Sean

Just for the heck of it I clicked the “Reset Quantize” button in the Quanitze editor. None of the settings changed (I didn’t make any changes to the 1/16)… BUT… this seems to have fixed it!!! I did an “undo reset quantize” to try and see what changed… nothing apparently… But, the problem is now gone.

This is a little concerning because I’ve been pulling my hair out for the last hour trying to figure this out. All my notes would go whacky … like in the wrong direction when quantizing. For whatever reason, this “reset quantize” button fixed it.

So strange… goofy old code base. :slight_smile:

(Also… why the he!! does it take forever for Cubase to shut down!!! More bizarre software…)