Quantize Multiple Audio recordings?

Hi everybody,
I recently started recording acoustic guitar with 2 mic’s, instead of 1 microphone.
When I used to record with 1 mic, I could ‘easily’ quantize an audio recording of the acoustic guitar.
But now I record with 2 mic’s and I have 2 audio channels, quantizing isn’t as easy as it was. Because both audio recordings don’t have the exact same transients, where the audio quantizing is based upon.

Any tips/tricks about how I can quantize 2 audio files exactly the same?

Maybe try recording on a stereo track?

I understand & appreciate your suggestion. But, I’d like to have the flexibility of changing the panning/volume/eq etc etc of both single audio channels/files.

I initially thought that you were recording on a single stereo track, in this case Quantize indeed won’t apply to each channel individually and keep the transients offset between them.

Now that you say you are using two separate tracks for each mic, then where is the problem ? Quantize should now do its job on each mic individually. Isn’t that the case ?

If you do that individually per track, you’ll get phase issues… But with the new phase coherent audio warp in C12, it seems to work. Tbh I’ve never used that feature so far, but a quick test on an old acoustic guitar recording showed promising results.
Or you could record in stereo, quantize that, bounce and split to two mono tracks so you could process it separately.
Personally I record acoustic guitar in M/S nowadays, I found that gives me good sonic results with no phase issues and easy handling in Cubase afterwards. Sure, not the ‘widest’ stereo image, but unless you’re doing a solo guitar piece, not really necessary anyway.