Quantize Notation to Shifted Midi Notes in Piano Roll

Let’s say I’ve decided to manually edit some notes in the piano roll. Is it possible to then have the notation quantize to these changes? Normally it’s the other way around i.e. removing playback overrides.

No, but you could perhaps export the MIDI, and import it again to a smaller quantization value. Might work.

Actually I think it should be the case that if you choose Edit > Requantize, it should take any edits you have made in Play mode into account.

I was going to suggest that but then remembered that I don’t think it will work as Dorico stores the original timing offsets from the MIDI for each note, from which it sets the current playback timing offset (if the preference to preserve note positions is on). If you make edits in play mode then that changes the playback timing offset, but if you do Requantize then I think that consults the original timing offset. It may be useful in the future for us to add a checkbox to the requantize dialog to apply to the current playback offsets rather than the original ones.