Quantize only when events selected

Hi everyone,

is there any way of de-activating quantizing as global command?
I want to avoid accidentally quantizing when no MIDI events are selected.

(Happens quite often when working fast - I want to make sure that quantizing only happens
when I have notes selected and otherwise the command should be ignored…

Thank you!


Assuming you have Auto-Quantize off when recording…I do the following:

Quantize while in the MIDI editor by selecting the notes you want quantized while leaving the other unaffected. Simple select them and press Q which will quantize per your specific quantize prefs, etc. You can also do the same thing by opening the EDIT IN PLACE function on your MIDI/VST track and do the same - saves having to open the editor.

Thank You SuSudio, but that is what I do already…
What I am trying to achieve, is to AVOID accidentally quantizing every note
in the editor, while working fast…
I am trying to de-activate Quantize as Global Function. (Essentially trying to make Q into a Quantize-Tool that only works with selected notes, not globally.)
Sorry for this elaborate questioning… :nerd: