Quantize percentage

Hi all,

I’m writing a Cello MIDI track largely made up of quarter, half, and whole notes. According to some, you should only quantize this track to about 85% instead of at 100% - the default. I could set the percentage of quantize on my old Sequencer Plus program from 25 years ago, but not in Cubase.

How do I set the percentage quantize? The only info I found on the net was how to use the Swing function, which is not what I want. As usual, the Cubase documentation is not clear. Thanks :).

It’s called Soft Quantize, and you can turn if off/on on the main toolbar in the project window. When off it quantizes 100%, when on it quantizes to whatever % you’ve set. To set the percentage, go to Quantize Panel in the Edit menu. It’s got a whole bunch of stuff in there, including the Soft Quantize button at the bottom - select it and enter your percentage.


Thanks, HTH. I opened the Quantize Panel but I don’t see a Soft Quantize button anywhere.
What am I missing? Here’s my Quantize Panel.

Quantize Panel

Perhaps it’s the Mode button, which brings up Iterative Quantize? I tried that and set the value to 90%. It still pushed all the celli notes to 100% quantized. I’m probably using it wrong :smiley:. If so, what? Thanks…

Lee, I don’t mean to diminish your knowledge or problem solving skills, and mean no disrespect when I say this: the user manual really does explain terminology, features and functions , and it’s worth at least a look. The advantage to this is also that you might learn something you don’t expect, and it might trigger some connections in your understanding. Anyway, here’s an answer to your question about soft quantize, which used to be called Iterative Quantize.

No offense taken, Steve. I appreciate the help.

You say it used to be called “Iterative Quantize.” It still is on my 10.5 version. I assume it works the same way as in Cubase 11, which they renamed to Soft Quantize? Thanks.

Yes, it’s the same feature, I suppose they wanted to make the name of it less smart-guy-ish. Personally I prefered iterative since it’s exactly what what the meaning is. Soft? ugh.

And searching the manual is super trivial

steinberg.help iterative quantize

Okay, I am correct about Iterative Quantize. It applies a lesser than 100% quantize value, except it’s not working on my MIDI track. Is there some other setting I’m using that interferes with this function?

For example, I added a half note just ahead of Beat 1 in a bar. At 100% Iterative Quantize it nudges the note to the correct spot. Fine. When I select any other percentage, the note doesn’t move at all, at least not that I can detect.

Please ignore this last part. I DOES work. I entered 80% in and the note moved to just before the beginning of the next bar. I just couldn’t see it until I zoomed in.
Thanks all!