Quantize Presets saved Globally and not with projects?? WHY?

I’ve moved back from Logic to Cubase - reliability, workflow, and sound.

BUT. I’ve become very accustomed to using Logic’s groove quantize feature. You select a midi track, use that as a groove template, then you can apply quantize settings based off that midi feature. Say you have a hi hat part, you can quantize other parts to that part. In Logic, all the groove presets you have get saved with the PROJECT. When you start up a new Project, you get just the default grooves again. I happen to use this feature a lot.

So I’m really surprised to see in new projects in Cubase, groove templates / presets I have made in a previous project still in the menu! Then I was just bowled over in amazement when I delete them, but then go back to the previous project and they are now GONE - presets on which the project was dependent. WHAT IS GOING ON???

How on EARTH can a program, a professional and otherwise as fantastic as it is program like Cubase be having a set up whereby you have Quantize presets saved GLOBALLY with the app and NOT with the projects??? :question: :question: :question:

I mean, if you’re a professional, maybe in a year you will have 10 projects with say 100 presets, or maybe you have 100 projects with 10 presets. Presets / templates that are project specific. Why would you want them saved with the app? Why not save them with the project.

Just bowled over and totally amazed at this. This is ALMOST enough to make me want to convert back to Logic but I really don’t want to do that. Otherwise I’m very happy… and the workflow is great. But this is just insane.

Is there a workaround? I’d do it! Is there a way to say copy some obscure file from a weird location and copy that into the project file, then before launching cubase and the project I want to load, copy it back to the original location, overwriting the current quantize presets and “restoring” the project at hand? I’d do that. Is there some kind of third party quantize insert for the MIDI channels I can use instead? ANYTHING?

I remember on previous versions of Cubase, like 5 and before I think, there were at least folders for presets in the quantize menu - those seem to be gone.

Someone got any ideas?

Sorry to go on about it. Just totally blown away with this… How on Earth… ? :open_mouth:

How about those who want their own presets in other projects? Why blame the program or Steinberg for something that is your own fault for not reading the manual? :unamused:

Yeah I’m just now learning that people do want to do that - which I never considered. My view is why would anyone want to use the same grooves in different songs… But I hear people do do that, or maybe they have their reasons. Ok. So then why does Logic do the opposite?

Sounds to me the best of both worlds is the solution and shouldn’t be hard to implement…

A global folder in your quantize presets with all the grooves you want to have globally in all projects available, and a local or project folder where you put groove quantize presets that you only want to be there for that project. If you later want a preset that is in a project to be stored globally, just open that project and copy it over.

Sorry if it came across strong. I just couldn’t conceive why anyone would want custom groove presets stored globally. I want the grooves and parts to be unique in a performance and therefore in a project. But that’s just me. I guess people are using Cubase for all kinds of things… so yes, I can see now possible reasons for it, but still, Logic does the reverse, so what would people using Logic say???

edit: BTW I read the manual, that’s why I came here.

And BTW, I’m a cubase user since version 3 of the original. There used to be at least folders although I didn’t start using groove quantize presets heavily in my music until a couple of years ago, and back then Cubase was horribly unreliable for me and that was why I switched to Logic. Now Cubase is working great, so I switched back as I prefer everything else but as I now discover, NOT this one thing…

Well, bottom line, after talking to you here, and with others elsewhere, I’ve come to this conclusion. Please tell me if this is crazy or not a great idea, just to repeat and clarify what I said already:

  • Quantize menu in Logic works on a project basis - groove templates are stored with the project, not with the app.

  • In Cubase it’s the reverse, groove templates / presets are stored with the app but not with the project… (which in my case I find an absolute PAIN - but I can see how others would find the Logic way of doing things ALSO a pain). Clearly then, there is a for and against argument in both cases otherwise they wouldn’t each do it the way they do…

  • It should not be complex or expensive relatively speaking to fix this and give all Cubase users the best of both world, and dare I say, outdo Logic in the process… simple:

  1. Have a system where the Quantize Menu has a Presets folders. One could be called, for example: “Global”. Any groove templates - bought ones or ones you made yourself - that you put in there will now be available in all projects - they are saved with the app.

  2. Create a second folder called “local” or “project presets” - any groove templates / presets you store in that folder will only be available in the project you are working on, and will be saved with it.

If you want to get a groove template from a project later on and have it be available globally, you would just open the project in question, and copy that template / preset to the global folder - now it’s available in all projects.

Is that not a perfect simple solution? :ugeek:

I’m not a programming genius but as far as I’m aware this shouldn’t be hard at all for the geniuses at Steinberg to implement. :bulb:

I’m all for being able to save Q presets as .prt files thus being able to import them to Q Setup. A workaround is to save the XML file in Prefs to the project folder so it’d be backed up on a project-related basis.

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Ok cool man now that’s what I’m talking about - I’ll try that out.

Hi there,great post a by the way alot of info.just had a question.i Kate my own quantizes last night in cubase 10 ,I opened a new project today to work with, buy all the quantities are gone.is there a way of getting them back?

Is this currently possible (in C.11)