Quantize problem

during the years i saved alot of quantize presets now my list is very long is there a way i could create folders in the preset list and if i cant is there a way i could default my preset list

Is there a way to save the presets and back them up? That’s my problem to. When I set up a new computer every few years I lose them.

The problem is that they are stored in \Presets\RAMPresets.xml instead of their own presets files.

So it’s not like with Logical Editor presets, for example, where each preset is saved in an indivdual xml file, inside a folder.

It really is impossible to manage Quantize presets in this way. I suppose you could save your RAMPresets file, which is like using a Pile Driver to push in a thumb tack :wink:

did a FR in early cubase 7 days, not implemented yet, and no signs of intention to do this from steinberg.
a member here shared is Quantize presets, a lot of them, but its not manageable unfortunately. it just clutter the presets and its hard to find and reach a preset as its now :confused: !