Quantize problem

Hi there
I have two questions : one regarding quantize, second is about plugins.

  1. Any time i try to use quantize function to adjust basically anything from hit hats to synth it ends up worse than before utilizing this function . I thou that quantize is more likely to help me with precision but it works other way. Everything is messed up after that. what should i do? maybe i pressed something (i’m not aware of) and it applied some weird things
  2. 3rd party plugins (waves etc) never keep presets/settings after i turn off cubase. When i try to use project again only cubase plugins keep settings. I have to adjust again other plugins manually.

Does any know how to solve this mind boggling problems? For you guys it might be easy but somehow i haven’t found solution yet.


In general it may be worth resetting your preferences or even re-installing to make sure it is not an install corruption.

  1. Are you playing things to the metronome in the first place?
    Quantize moves things to the grid and if your playing isn’t following the grid/metronome it can’t work. Also make sure the quantise settings are suited to the part…16th notes is a good start point I guess.

  2. All plugin settings should be saved with project…Is it definitely other brands too or just Waves? What version of Waves plugs are you running?

You also need to post what o/s you’re running, what version Cubase and if it’s 64bit or 32.

Thank you for your response

  1. yes i use metronome and honestly iam more precise than quantize . Don’t understand why there are always unexpected results after using it. It should give that edge , adjust things not messing around

  2. most of the plugins works well, only vocals’ related plugins from Waves version 9.1
    iam running mac os sierra 10.12 ,cubase elements 8 64 bit

any suggestions?

Same quantize issue with midi. Exactly the same. I play better than quantize which messes the whole thing up. Just straigth hi-hat. And I tried every quantize preset… even though I always use 1/16 since that has always workrd for me in Cubase since 1998!!!