Quantize shortcuts broken in 10.5?

Hi there,

When I use the quantize shortcuts (numbers 1-6 etc.) the grid changes but often, the text in the box that says what you are quantizing to doesn’t change.

It happens trying to switch between Triplet 8s & 4s and Dotted 2s & 4s.

Anyone else or is it just this filthy Windows 7 user?



Are you on 10.5? This is exactly what happened but even when we choose to switch the value by clicking on the box.
I am on Mac Mojave. Should be a major bug.

Oh yes, I should have specified 10.5.

At least we have the same issue.
I work with triplet quantize very often and this is so uncomfortable to me.
I am on Mac Mojave, it must be a major bug.

Ayer me actualicé a la versión 10.5 de Cubase (desde la v. 10.0.5) y al abrir el editor de Variaudio, y despues de editar una parte de pista, ya no pude salir de él con la tecla “enter”.
Tuve que salirme del programa y volver a meterme, pero me ha ocurrido igual.

No sé si es un fallo del programa, o es que hice mal la instalación.

¿A alguien más le ocurre ésto?

Here too!