Quantize tempelate for step designer?

I really love step designer, but i think it’s time consuming programing my melodies in it. I have managed to record some notes from stepdesigner as midi. Can i somehow make a quantize tempelate from these midinotes. And if i could would this quantize tempelate adjust booth the timing and length of my midi notes.

Very thankful for any help, kind regards Conny


I don’t think the Step Designer is the tool for melody programming.

What exactly do you mean, please?

Hi Martin thank you for your responce. I will try to explain a bit better. I actually got some midi notes recorded into a track in cubase from the stepsequencer. When i look at these notes i can see that they have a specific timing and notelength. I would like to make a ” quantize ” tempelate from these notes. Then i could aply this quantize value to my midinotes which I’ve recorded from my keyboard.

Kind regards Conny


Open the Quantize Panel and drag and drop the MIDI Part over to the Quantize Panel, where you can see the Grid (green lines). This will create new Quantize pattern and you can save it as a preset.

Wow that’s awesome Martin, now i can aply this step sequencer style to my other midi notes. Thank you very much Martin :pray: