Quantize Tool in Inspector

Newbie here.

I just upgraded to Artist 11 from Elements 10.5. How to I access the Quantize Tool/Tab in the Inspector? Looking for Expression Map, Note Expression, Chord Editing, Quantize, etc. But what I’m seeing in the Inspector is Equalizers, Audio Inserts, Audio Sends, Audio Fader, Midi Inserts and Quick Controls.

I want to quantize notes to a specific duration and saw a video on YouTube that did that with a quantizing tool/tab in the inspector.


I was just getting familiar with very basic procedures in Elements 10.5 and I’m hoping Steinberg didn’t restructure a lot of the workflow in this updated version.

PS - I looked in the manual but lack the proper technical terms to find it. I tried quantize + inspector.

Hmmm…looks like it was relocated to Edit > Advanced Quantize?

It is there when you are in the key editor
If not press the cogwheel at the bottom to add it.

Yes! Thanks.

You are welcome :slight_smile: