Quantize tracks not recorded to click.


I’ve been trying to finds a solution for the following for a good while now:

Is it possible to record tracks without a click, have Cubase find a tempo based on the tempos played by the drummer, and then quantize to that?
I’ve tried tempo mapping the track, but it stretches the audio. Is it possible to use the tempotrack/tempomapping to create hitpoints, slice the tracks and quantize based on the average tempo, not having it stretched?

Sorry for the poor explanation. Hopefully it makes sense to some of you.

Use Time Warp (Warp grid) to create the tempo map. Only the grid is affected at this point.

Once it is done you can either quantise to this grid or you can set definition from tempo on all audio and then lock to a fixed tempo or add your own new tempo map if you want to speed up chorus etc.

Thanks, will try this. But isn’t this stretching the audio?

Re-read Grim´s first 2 sentences…
And then read about the two different time warp modes