Quantized Audio Responsive To Tempo Changes (see linked vide

This video demonstrates the text that follows. Dropbox - Error

I have posted several times on this same issue and have yet to find the answer. The end result I’m trying to achieve is having quantized audio that is responsive to tempo changes (e.g., I record a part at 100 and I want to quantize it and then play it back at 120).

Quantizing audio (Q) works (sort of) - for this point, let’s say it works perfectly. As soon as Musical Mode is activated (in the Audio Pool), all the warp markers from the quantization are effectively undone and replaced with regular intervallic warp markers. Quantizing after Musical Mode is activated has no effect.

Adjusting the audio to the project tempo (p. 628) after quantizing the audio undoes the quantization. Trying to quantize after adjusting the audio to the project tempo, like quantizing after activating musical mode, has no effect.


I know someone out there can either confirm the problem or correct my ways. Please.