Quantizing audio in Musical Mode process

Hi all,

Quick question about quantizing audio. I presently: (1) record audio, (2) open up the Pool and check the box to turn activate Musical Mode, and (3) select the clip in the project window and press Q to quantize it (with proper quantize settings). The result is the clip is divided evenly by Warp markers, and there are grey down-facing triangles indicating where the peaks that would be affected by the quantization are but they’re not actually quantized - so I have to go through insert Warp markers (using Free Warp) where all the grey triangles are and then move them to their quantized location. I realize I must be doing something wrong.

My questions are:

  1. What is the most efficient method for quantizing audio and having it in Musical Mode where the clip’s play back is responsive the the tempo setting? E.g., I record it at 120, but want to play it back at 160 quantized.
  2. Is there a way to make it so a clip is automatically set to Musical Mode (with the tempo it at which it was recorded set) without having to open the Audio Pool and click the checkbox? Seems like something that should be assumed and an unnecessary step.


Anyone? …surely someone must know how do this.

Before you apply Musical Time, you need to define the grid, either manually, or by using auto-adjust, in the sample editor. Then you can quantize (if needed, a number of different options), or correct (using free warp), or set tempo., etc. etc. The manual goes into greater detail.

When I do it in that order it drops all the quantization as soon as I apply Musical Mode.