Quantizing Audio in Musical Mode

The result I want to achieve is having my audio files quantized and change according to tempo adjustments. E.g., I’m recording a difficult passage at a slower tempo than the actual playback will be and the timing of my performance is not as accurate as I want it. Assuming I’d rather edit what I have than re-take until I get an acceptable performance, what is the proper procedure?

Presently I:

  1. Change the tempo to a slower tempo
  2. Record the take
  3. Open the Audio Pool and switch the file to Musical Mode
  4. Select the file in the Project window and press Q (with the value I want and Audio Quantize mode activated)
  5. Double-click the file to open it in the Sample Editor

Now here, I see two sets of Warp markers. The orange ones are placed at even intervals, and presumably a result of me activating Musical Mode. There are also inactive grey Warp markers that identify notes that are not quantized. So basically, the notes I want to quantize, or at least a significant majority of them, were identified, but not quantized. So, the work is still up to me - I then spend (sometime a considerable amount of) time using the Free Warp tool inserting active Warp markers at the pre-identified spots and dragging them to their obvious locations. How can I make it so Cubase does this for me automatically?

Finally, is there a way to make Cubase automatically attach to recorded audio files the tempos at which they were recorded so I don’t have to open the Audio Pool and manually select Musical Mode for each clip?

Thanks for the help.

Can anyone relate? I can post a Screenflow vid if my description isn’t clear.

I don’t use audio quantize, but I use time-warp instead, so I do it the other way round… This may help, this may not.

I warp the tempo track to make the click conform to the free audio tempo, then when it’s accurate I use ‘Set Definition From Tempo’ (and ‘Write Definition to Audio Files’) and move the clip to an area of steady tempo. The clip is conformed to the tempo.

The problem I have with your method, and any other automated method (like tempo detection), is that the automatic detection is usually inaccurate so I end up spending more time tussling with the inaccurate sections than I would doing it all manually.

I find that I can generally time-warp the tempo track in real-time as I’m playing through the track, mostly by eye-balling the drum hits before they get to the play cursor, and dragging the time-warp markers around before they get played. 1 marker every other bar usually does it for me except for complex bits. So it doesn’t take much longer than the song itself (or songs) to tempo map, set definition, fix tempo.


Thank you for your feedback.

It seems we’re using two different workflows. All of my projects are played to the metronome. I always record with a a click and set tempo track.


You could still use the method, and if it’s quicker then good, if not… But I wonder in your case whether you might be better off not using Quantise to start with, but simple creating and dragging new Warp Markers around in the editor. In this way you’ll be in control right from the start.


It’s a 50/50. It probably saves me 20% of the effort to start with it. We’ll see if it’s improved in 7.5 with OSX 10.9.