Quantizing audio question

Hello. I’ve RTFM, but still confused. What if you want to quantize audio that comprises multiple tracks, like drums? In my case, it’s actually a mandolin recorded M-S ( 3 mono tracks) that I want to tighten up a bit. So I selected all 3 tracks and opened the Sample Editor, set my hitpoints, and quantized it… but it had no effect on the other 2 tracks… which is problematic because then I have to reset my hitpoints on them, and as far as I can see there isn’t any quantification displayed when using the sensitivity meter that one could use when setting up the other 2 tracks

This will be a problem as in Cubase time stretch will not work well across multiple tracks and stay in proper alignment.

There are work arounds, the simple way would be to mixdown the M-S track to stereo.

Can you quantize them together by group editing from a folder track (p.114 c6 manual)? I’ve never done it but came across that technique recently when reading about quantizing.