Quantizing In Dorico Without Changing Realtime Nuances, Only To Just Correct Delays!

Is there really not a way in Dorico, to easily quantize your realtime music sequences by editing the notations, and highlighting every measure so that way, the playback of the sequence is with the click? I mean doing it without changing anything in regards to your nuances! In other words, without changing the velocities of your notations, and without changing the duration of your notations!

I would say that in all other programs you can! However, as far as Dorico, I am only have the ipad version! Now, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it! An ipad is all that I have right now that is working! My Macbook has conked out!

I should have been a little more specific! My question that I asked below most typically was regarding when you are trying to to quantize/edit multiple voices such as a piano track with chords without having to do one note at a time within a chord.

Anyway, please let me know! If there isn’t a way, will there be a way in future updated versions? Or, is it just the ipad version I can’t do what I am asking for?

Thank you!

If I’m deciphering you correctly, Play–Reset Playback Overrides. That’s the command on desktop; I don’t know about iPad, but I’d imagine it’s the same.

All I have is the ipad version!

I’ve never seen a reset playback button in Dorico ipad! And I have never seen the desktop/laptop version, or MAC OSX, MACOS, or PC versions! Only the ios version! There is an android version in which, I know has to be just like the ios version! An ipad is all that I have most access to at our 2nd home!

If it is of any help, the PDF manual for Dorico for iPad can be downloaded from here:
Dorico for iPad Documentation .
The online WebHelp Version can be accessed from the same page.

There exists no Android version of Dorico. [So I am wondering how you know it is the same. :slight_smile: ]

I thought there was! My mistake!