Quantizing large midi clips causes GUI lock-up

Quantizing a 16minute midi clip with lots of drum note data causes a GUI lock-up here. I just lost an entire 16minute jam. Not super thrilled. Can reproduce.

Can anyone else reproduce this???

Select the clip in the docked midi editor. Select all events. Hit Q to quantize.

Locks up.

Ah. Interestingly, if I only select notes and not the CC values, it doesn’t hang.

Why don’t you Quantize from BFD’s Groove Editor Track, Drew? It’s excellent! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there’s too many controller nodes, you can MIDI>Functions> Thin Out Data to bring them down to a more reasonable level.

Was it CC4 data that caused the mayhem? I want to give it a go!

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Yep, think it was CC4.

Use the BFD groove editor??! I’d be the first person in the world to do that!! :rofl:

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