Quantizing MIDI including CC lanes


When I am recording MIDI with a wind controller (an Akai EWI in my case), a number of CC data comes along, typically CC#2, breath control. Cubase would record this all very nicely, but when I quantize the MIDi, the notes are moved in time whereas the controller data is not. For CC#2 this is a particular problem as now the breath attacks are no longer in line with the MIDI notes. Is there a way to have the controller data being squeezed or stretched according to alignment of the MIDI notes during quantization?

Thanks for any suggestion
Heinz …


you can activate this option in the Key Editor:
Auto Select Controllers - you might need to make it visible first.

If you have Cubase 13 you could try to use the Range Tool instead of the Selection Tool. I don’t have C13 so I am not sure whether this works.


Be aware, the Auto Select Controllers option works for the shown Controllers only.

There are some Logical Editor presets to quantise the Controllers, if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks both of you. This does the job. I also realized, that you need to select the MIDI Events in the editor. Selecting the clip in the arranger and then quantizing does nit work for the controller data. The same applied when you enter the MIDI data with the controller and hit quantize immediately afterwards.