Quantizing MIDI question?

Here is the scenario. I’m tracking an E kit with AQ turned on to say 16th notes. After the take I realize I want that snare roll to be more real time/free flowing and not locked to 16th note grid. Here is what Im NOT seeing in Cubase

  1. I dont see a way to range select those notes and turn quantize to OFF?? Should be an option as Cubase time stamps everything coming in


  1. Open the quantize panel and set the NON quantize to 120 ticks=16th note and hope it doesnt quantize anything on my selected snare roll.
  2. Set the quantize to 128 and hope that works after the fact.
  3. Set the quantize to 128 and use the Iterative quantize and set really low
  4. Track with AQ off the do a dissolve part and quantize each part after the fact . This still doesnt fix the issue if you accidentally have AQ turned ON when you track something.

***Am I missing something here? Shouldnt we have an OFF choice on the quantize after we range select some notes?? Reaper has a BYPASS checkbox for this


Just don’t auto quantize, it’s like having a plugin on you audio input channel and later wanting it removed at a particular range.
If it is recorded that way, then there is no way getting it back.
Especially drums I would newer AQ, sucks the life right out of it. I might later on quantize parts that are off, but that I can undo.

There should be a way to do this. Quantization in Cubase isn’t destructive.

Hi shanabit,

Maybe I’m not understanding correctly but after I’ve auto quantized a part I listen to it back and if it hasn’t captured any loose phrasing I simply select those particular notes and go to Edit/Reset Quantize and the notes will then play back exactly how I originally played them!

Does this resolve your issue?

Kind regards

James Colah

Sometimes my density gets the best of me, that seems SO simple, I’ll give that a shot soon Thanks!!