Quantizing: Randomize vs iQ Mode

Anyone have an opinion about these two functions in Cubase? I’ve often used the randomize feature when quantizing to make the performance seem less mechanical. I’ve never used iterative quantizing. Looked through the manual and didn’t really see an explanation of the difference between the two.

Any thoughts?

iterative just moves events toward the full quantise positions

+randomize will be different each time you quantize, while iterative will sound more ‘mechanical’ each time you requantize

Ah, I see now the difference between the two.


Thank guys.
I almost never quantize anything but
this info is good to know for future situations.


Swing Function is nice at about 18% if you’ve got a straight 8th note pattern that’s too sterile.


That’s correct; these three functions (iQ, Randomize and [micro]Swing) are really The Path to a more human feeling in midi!
Here are my tips:

  1. iQ - awesome for when you’re playing something yourself; I tend to record (even for EDM) all my scores, and iQ them about 65-85% (depends on song/playing obviously)

  2. R - when I don’t record something (or even when I initially did and (i)Qed it), I keep an overall 2-6% (depends again on song)

  3. (micro)Swing - I go from 10%-40% even for straight eiths; but again, that’s because of my taste, other ppl might dislike :wink: :wink: though I’d recommend putting a little (5%-20%?) swing on anything, anyday :wink:

  4. I don’t the same setting for every instrument the same, but tend to feel how much I can push it from instrument to instrument

hope this helps someone, as this forum helped me quit a bit :wink:

Another way of randomising your MIDI is to quantise in a regular (non-random) way then use the MIDI Modifier to introduce timing and velocity variations within a range that you define.

downside to this, is that you’ll never hear the same variation twice, so even if you put on some MIDI Modifiers to randomize it, and you had a listen and liked it, say you want to capture it, by printing, exporting, whatever, it will already be something different

I’m a big fan of the “Randomize” option in the quantize panel, as it lets you have full control, as long as you don’t press that Q again after listening