Quantizing rests, how ? Inserting rests, how ?

I don’t want to annoy no one but…

I created my empty MIDI track and I’m on the verge to go…

I read I have some adjustments to do like Quantazing Notes and Quantazing Rests.
I see the Q and I set it to 64. I’d like to do the same with rest. Don’t find how to do it in the manual.
The index is no help.

And I see notes. I want to input rests. How ?

I entered “Insert rests” in the search box here. More than 2000 items.
Same with “Quantazing”…
Do I have that kind of patience ?

I guess I’ll have to deal with that…

There is no need to insert rests in the key editor.

In the Score editor you can set the rest quantizing for the notation display.

Have you added notes or recorded anything yet? If not do that first, then have another look at your questions. Also, there are tutorials, I believe, that you can follow to get started.

Ok, I’ve just noticed each bar is already “rested”.
So why do they talk about quantazing rest, I don’t know.
I thought it was a control I had to set.
I’d like to rewrite one or two things in this manual…

So, I do have to be very precise in inserting notes if I want to let some pauses between notes.

My tune begins with a sextuplet, 6 notes for a beat.
Back to the manual…

Thanks for the answer ! :sunglasses:

The sixth note of my sextuplet is a F Sharp. I input a F and then, I click on the Sharp symbol.
Logic, isn’t it ?

Looks like the Score Editor in Cubase knows not very much about logic.

What happens is that Cubase lower the note to E and put a sharp symbol before it. :confused:
I tried it 4 or 5 times with the same result. I’m not talking about a complex operation here. just a basic thing.

OK, maybe I can move it up, like any normal Score software. I need to select the note with the
“Selection Object Tool”. Not sure of what it is, I look into the index and it’s not there.
Is it the Arrow. How should I know ? It could be, or not.

I’m a programmer. I’m used to have complete index, and I deal with precise term. If the book says “Selection
Object Tool”, I’m supposed to find it in the index as is. Accuracy.

So far, I find the Score Editor in Cubase to be very hard to learn. It is not as friendly as other I’ve used
before that were most straight forward and logic.


I don’t know how I did it, and hope to be able to do it again next time, I finally put that damn F sharp.

Now, another thing…

I began writing in the second bar, leaving the first one “rested”.
So, on bar 1, I have a sextuplet. That sextuplet is to be repeated 3 times as it is now to fill that second bar.
A simple Copy and paste, isn’t it ? Forget it.
Although the cursor is on beat two of that second bar, Cubase keeps on writing my copied sextuplet
on beat one of bar one.


OK, six notes entered so far. I’m too tired to continue.
Hoping to enter more the next time, and to live long enough to see the end of that project.

Proper approach.
Also there may be some vids/tuts on utube.