Quantizing the Sounding (Recorded) notes

Okay I recently started a topic about quantizing midi notes in Dorico thinking that is was the same as the “Sounding” Notes, so it went in another direction. This topic is to ask about how to Quantize Sounding Notes, i.e. The notes that are recorded from a midi controller or other devices to give the same duration to the actual Notes/Midi Value. I am using NotePerformer so velocity is not an issue in case the subject came up.
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If I’m not mistaken, this could be a two-steps operation. First, use Play mode>Play menu>Reset Playback overrides (as in “don’t play exactly the way I’ve played, but play what is written”).
Then you might need to tweak NP’s expression map, as it has its own playback overrides, especially when it comes to lenghthen legato notes or shorten normal values, etc… unless what you are going to do is ask NP to play them (it needs those settings to perform correctly). Hope it helps!

Really This is my main issue (In the screenshot below), as i tried the Reset Playback Overrides and it doesn’t seem to Quantize the Played notes… In the end i would just edit them one by one but its not much for workflow if i was to record a long phrase with chords…

Thanks for your response mark!


Hi. I took some time to study this, and this is a result I came with :

When the notes are selected (use Write mode and select the notes), Edit>Requantize lets you requantize your notation just the way you want it to look. Then, Play mode>Play menu>Reset playback overrides should get you close to this result. I got that result by tweaking the playback options so that quarter notes last 100% of the note, and humanization to 0%.
Hope it helps!

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Mark Your effort is Extremely Appreciated here brother you can’t imagine! I found my last question! How do you, :arrow_down_small:

tweak the playback options so that quarter notes last 100% of the note, and humanization to 0%.

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Cmd-shift-P (or library menu>Playback options)>Timing
It’s all there. I was already referring to this in my first post, NP has got special settings overrides embedded in its expression map, you can go and examine it. It is all described in NP user guide too.


Mark can’t thank you enough, you really helped me overcome this particular issue i was facing! You’re amazing thanks dear! :pray:t2::notes:

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This may solve the issue for Note Performer but what if you’re not using note performer but, say, East West instruements? How can I get the sounding notes from a performance to quantize exactly to the value of the written notes? I don’t care about preserving my original performance. What I want is to play something in, have it transcribed, then hard quantize the performance so it matches the transcribed notation exactly. If this is possible? It seems like it should be fairly simple but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. Sorry if it is obvious and I missed it in the manual or videos (grin)

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Yes, it’s simple: just use Play > Reset Playback Overrides.


Thanks, Daniel.