Quantizing/warping a mixed track

I have an audio mix of a live performance. I need to quantize it to a specific tempo. I am able to quite accurately do a tempo analysis of it using Nuendo. It creates 1/4 measures and sets the tempo for each quarter note beat surprisingly accurate (Yea Nuendo!). Now this is what I don’t understand. I simply want to cut each 1/4 measure (one beat each measure) into pieces, set tempo to ONE rate (the average of all measures it has created) and then use a “stretch” function to close gaps or eliminate overlaps to the tempo.

Can anyone please give me explicit instructions as to settings and procedure? Every attempt I’ve done results in gaps, jumps, weird audio, etc. I must be missing a setting or a step in the procedure. Remember, I’m starting by first using the tempo analysis function to create a tempo track. Then what do I do to create the splices of audio, then I need to align each slice to a new, steady tempo track (by deleting tempo markings to all the same), then close gaps or overlaps by stretching each piece to give a consistent tempo.

In theory this should work, I just am missing something.

So I’m back to using my old technique… so if anyone has steps to do it please let me know. My old technique, which works, is labor intensive. I’m sure there is a better way using Nuendo functions. Right now, make sure audio track is in musical mode. Then I use the analyize tempo which creates 1/4 measures. Then I use the sissor tool and cut at each bar line (which is one whole beat). I then delete the tempo track markings and have just one tempo track marking for the desired tempo at the start of the song. This creates equal tempo measures and each beat measure audio piece is pulled to the start. Then I use the pointer tool where “sizing applies time stretch” and stretch or shrink each measure to the end of each measure. This shrinks/stretches for each beat. Finally, to reduce overhead, I “bounce track” which creates the new audio quantized. It works, but I’m thinking there has to be a less labor intensive way to do this with built in functions like hitpoints. Anyone do it that can spell out the procedure? Thanks.