Quarter + dotted half in 4/4


When I enter a quarter plus a dotted half in 4/4 I get a quarter plus a quarter tied to a half note. I’ve tried to set the “notation of short-dotted long patterns” in notation options to “notate as single notes” but I still get the result as shown in the attached pic. What am I doing wrong?

Dotted half.PNG

What is the time signature in your score? This works as you want for me in 4/4, and 2/2, with all the default note grouping rules.

The rule that changes the behaviour is the one shown in the attachment.
note grouping.png

It’s in 4/4… or rather C, but I’ve tried 4/4 as well.

See the edit to my previous post.

Thank you for your answer!

So you have to have both of those selected? Why does both those options exist then, since it is impossible to have a quarter+dotted half in 4/4 without them crossing the half-bar?

And if I want to have my dotted+quarter half notes notated just so, but still break a syncopated quarter pattern at the half-bar, there is no way to automatically do that, I have to resort to force duration?

In other words, you can’t have both of these as default options, you have to use force duration.

That seems to be how it works.

It looks wrong to me that “quarter + dotted half” is being interpreted as a “short-long-short” pattern. It is only two notes not three!

There are other annoying things which give different beaming in 2/2 and 4/4 (or cut time and common time) as well as this one.

It really seems counter-intuitive that they cancel eachother out, but still it’s pretty easy to use force duration. The “vision” behind Dorico seems to imply that you shouldn’t need that very often though…