(Quarter Note) = A.F.A.P - Mixed texted with music symbols

I am working on a piece that requires the tempo mark of q = A.F.A.P. Typing that in the Tempo pop-over produces that exact text (no quarter note).

I am struggling to get Dorico to do this. I was able to find a work around of using text, and inserting a musical symbol of a quartet note then the “= A.F.A.P.”

I understand that this tempo mark should not produce a meaningful understanding for tempo from a playback perspective. However, I have seen a few pieces where the tempo mark shows a quarter note followed by some kind of descriptive text (i.e., q = not too fast, not too slow).

Can Dorico do this, and I just missed how to input it? If not, can this be considered for future versions.


Have you considered System Text (since you do not need playback)?

Yes… I used system text to do the work around. I just think it would be nice if the Tempo Tool (pop-over) could handle that kind of marking.