Quarter note issue in 2/4


I am transcribing Korngold’s op.11 for violin and piano.
I encountered an irregularity in the layout of a specific rhythm: eight note - quarter note - eight note.
the problem is as follows, the left hand shows exactly what I want, but I cannot get this result for the violin and the right hand part…
please advise
kind regards
Carl Vandoorne

Have you tried entering this rhythm with force duration (o) ? It is the best way to override Dorico’s magic :wink:

Thanks for the quick help!
Yes that (forced duration) does the trick.
My post wansn’t also very clear. Let me refrase it:
The problem is that Dorico sometimes writes eight - quarter - eight notes,
and sometimes ties ‘eight notes’ to make it a quarter…
So I’m not quite sure what to expect when inputting rythms (in 2/4)…
Could it be that the 2nd voice on the right hand, witch is cross-staved to the clef-stave, is responsable for the
eight - quarter - eight Notation?
Kind regards.

In 2/4 you will get eighth-quarter-eighth only when you actually have an eighth note or rest followed by a quarter note followed by an eighth note or rest: if you have notes adding up to an eighth, e.g. a pair of 16ths, then you will not get the quarter in the middle of the bar crossing the beat boundary.

As Marc says, if you want to be sure of always getting a quarter note crossing the middle of the bar, you should reinput it, first switching on the Force Durations option (shortcut O).

Thank you Daniel! Good to know!